1. Vev # I
2. Vev # II
3-4. Vev # III
5-6. Vev # IV
7-8. Vev 
9. Ham # I, Ham # II

SOFT Gallery
13. 8— 13. 9. 2020

In the exhibition Albogerom Løland presents new sculptural works resulting from his exploration of the textile medium and its potential to evoke memories and feelings through relations between the body, the architecture and the material. Løland is interested in the physicality, value and function of textiles as well as the qualities enabling them to be used as markers of identity. In his works he combines, emphasises and displaces these values in order to open up for new readings and interpretations. The exhibited works show clear traces of Løland’s physical treatment of his materials. The creation process alternates between being refined and time-consuming and brutal and improvised. The works are simultaneously opaque and transparent, open and closed, and they have an insisting presence despite their low-key and almost dissolved expression. Certain sculptural works contain imprints from his own body, thus establishing a fluid exchange between his body, the gallery space and the materials. There is no hierarchy in the methods or materials he works with, and the artistic process and the final work are interwoven and of equal value.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021

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