Chest (Autumn)
Chest (Seaweed)
Chest (Purple Knots)
Chest (Pale Bow)
Chest (Narcissus)
Chest (Yellow Drizzle)

Paris Internationale
18.10 — 23.10.2022

Entrée is proud to present Cato Løland’s most recent body of work at Paris Internationale. In his new series of sculptures entitled Chests, Løland has sought to locate similar forms in nature and within the body itself. The resulting sculptures reference ribcages and avian nests. Twisted wires and bent curtain rods create a rigid armature on which the artist has woven scraps of plastic, netting, delicate fabrics, plaster-wrapped bands, and organic materials such as seaweeds, grasses, flower petals, and branches. The forms are largely spherical and self-contained, they interact by latching on to the existing architecture much as nests cling to the branches of trees and sheer faces of cliffs.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021

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